Today in History

Today we remember the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr and mourn his death, remembering him as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement and known for his use of nonviolence and civil disobedience.

This Day in History

Today we remember Martin Luther King Jr’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech where he called for nonviolent protest, boycotts, unity, and economic actions due to the Memphis Sanitation Strike.

This Day in History

Today in History Nazi Germany declared a boycott of Jewish businesses. The boycott was largely ignored, but was one of the first steps by the Fascist Nazi Government towards their openly racist policies.

News From the Emperor

His Majesty Norton II, Emperor of the American Union, issued the following statement today:

After a doctor visit on Monday,  March 30, I was diagnosed with a suspected mild case of the Covid 19 virus. Due to my job I am considered an essential worker, so I have had to leave to go to work. Otherwise I have followed social distancing protocols. I am now doing self quarantine as they did a flu test to rule that out as well as some blood tests. At this time Illinois is only testing health care professionals, of which I am not considered to be even though I work in a Retirement Home, so I cannot give a 100% guarantee that I have it. The symptoms do match, and at this time I am not up to doing much.

As such certain projects will take a little longer. As Director of the Mint I finished designing some prototype Norton Notes, which will be printed off and checked before being considered a finished product. As Minister of Immigration I have created a new Royal Grant of Citizenship, which will be presented sometime in the near future. In my role as Emperor I have created new Letters Patent for the titles I have already presented, which I will also post sometime in the near future. I am moving slower right now.

Thank you!

This Day in History

Today in 2002 the Queen Mother passed away, and we remember her as the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as well as the Queen Mother. She was known for her charm, both public and private, her zeal for life, and abhorrence of racism.

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