His Majesty, Emperor Norton II, has issued Royal Proclamation 72 which states that Her Highness Falwynn Falconwind, the Duchess of the Emerald Mountains, shall act as Regent if  His Majesty is unable to exercise the Royal Prerogative.




I have been offline for a little while now and I just wanted to say that I have returned.  I suffer from migraines, and earlier this year tried a new medication.  Long story short is that it was a failure and it has changed the frequency of the migraines, and not for the better.  I will try to update the site or post at least once a week.

Thank you!

Emperor Norton II

Updates to the Website

The webpage for the History and Territories claimed by the Imperial Government were added.  The History of the Imperial Government can be traced back to Emperor Norton I, and the territories are, technically, that of the United States.  However, at this time the Imperial Government is only making claims on two duchies.


The blog of the Imperial Government in Exile has been renamed as “News.”  It’s purpose will be to keep the public up to date on messages from the Emperor and the Imperial Government, as well as to give info on updates to the site.  Other items may be published if it involves the Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile.

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