This Day in History

In 1901 the First Nobel Prices were awarded on the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death.  Most of his fortune went to creating a fund who, for the preceding year, had conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.  It is believed that he did this out of his regret for what his inventions did when used for war.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

At 7:48 Hawaiian time on December 7, 1945, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Over two thousand were killed, with one thousand injured.  Today we remember those who lost their lives, those who lost loved ones, those who were injured, and those who survived.

When events like this happens, I have noticed that the citizens of the United States tend to pull together.  For a while, we forget our differences and we work together to try to make sense of things and to find a way to make things right.  We don’t worry that our neighbor is different, we remember that they are a fellow human being.

As we remember all that happened that day, I hope that we also remember that we are all united against those who would cause such things to happen.

A message from the Emperor

As I checked the news today I saw that there had been another active shooter incident.  Is it getting to the point, or are we already there, where we have had so many that we just consider this another bit of news?  Does it still shock and worry everyone when you hear about it?  I really hope it does.

While I do not have a solution, we, as a nation, need to come up with one.  I’ve had to go through active shooter training at one of my jobs, and then I thought about kids getting similar training.  The solution isn’t teaching children what to do when a gunman comes into their school.  We shouldn’t have to do that.

Remembering Bhopal

Thirty-five years ago the Bhopal Gas Disaster Occurred.  The death toll was eventually confirmed at over 3,500 with an estimated 8000 deaths within two weeks.  Over half a million people were injured and almost four thousand were permanently disabled.  If proper back up systems and safety checks had been in place this disaster may not have ever happened, but greed got in the way.  There were leaks in the years leading up to it, and, as in some natural disasters, there were signs saying that something was going to happen.

Today we need to remember those who lost their lives, those that were injured, the family members affected by it, and those who were permanently disabled.  As we look back we must remember that this tragedy could have been prevented.

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