Black Lives Matter

His Majesty, Emperor Norton II, in his Role as Emperor and Prime Minister has issued a statement that the Imperial Government of Norton II supports the Black Lives Matter movement. While a peaceful solution is preferable, it is not always possible. We need to stop working against each other, and work together to make this nation and this world a better place. It is time to realize that elected politicians have the focus of getting reelected, and that they don’t really want to solve the problems we face. They want you to know the problem exists and that they say they have a solution that they say will work. But, if they solve the problems you run out of reasons to vote for them. Elected politicians need to realize that they must also work to solve the problems of this nation. Only when they have done that are they worthy of reelection.

A Message from the Emperor


I’ve been working on starting a side business, which has take all of my extra energy as of late. I will be slowly returning, as I have the time to do so. But, I feel the need to post something right now.

Protests have been springing up around the nation, with my local city being one of those spots. It was peaceful for most of yesterday, and into last night violence started. The question some will ask is do I support the protests? I have never been a believer that violence is the answer, but I do support the protests. Too long this country has continued to have issues with racism and it needs to stop. People wouldn’t feel the need to riot if their voices were being listened to. We must open our eyes to the problems that exist in this nation and work to change them!

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