News from the Ministry of Immigration

His Majesty, Norton II, in his role as Minister of Immigration, announced that two new citizens joined the Imperial Government in Exile.  He also stated that a new citizenship role, to be kept by the Minister of Immigration, was in the process of being created.

This Day in History

Today in 1942 FDR signed Executive Order 9066 which allowed the Secretary of War to prescribe certain areas of the USA as military zones. This allowed for the creation of American Concentration Camps for Germans, Italians, and Japanese Americans. The Japanese would be treated horribly.

Today in History

Today we remember the White Rose Movement, who’s members were arrested today in 1943. They were a non-violent resistance group who conducted a leaflet and graffiti campaign against the Nazi Third Reich. Some of the members were executed in show trials while others were put in prison.

A Message from the Emperor!

On July 15 of 1860 my illustrious predecessor abolished the republican form of government then in existence and declared an absolute monarchy. The US government ignored this and continued to do it’s business, but has largely followed the laws that it had set forth. Recently the republican government has shown that it’s interest is only in itself and the ruling political party in how they handled the Impeachment Process. The rules set forth were barely followed the the Republican Party.

Even if you believe the President is innocent, we are a nation of laws. To have a trial and declare that no evidence is necessary and no witnesses will be called smacks of corruption at the highest levels. The Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile must stand with those who declare that this is not justice in any way, and I firmly state that this is nothing more than one man perverting the process of justice for his own means.

Delivered from the hand of his Majesty, Norton II, Emperor of the American Union

A Message from the Emperor!

The Imperial Government in Exile has been temporarily closed as I take care of some medical issues. I am returning today, and officially declare the website and the Imperial Government in Exile open once more.

Norton II, Emperor of the American Union


Due to a medical issue the Emperor and the Imperial Government have been unable to post, this will be resolved in a couple of days

A message from the Minister of Immigration

The Minister of Immigration has stated that an Honorary Grant of Citizenship has been issued for former US President Jimmy Carter in honor of his diplomatic and humanitarian deeds.  This is the first Honorary Citizenship issued by the Imperial Government in Exile!

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