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This Day in History

On this day in 1956 Martin Luther King Jr was one of the first passengers of the newly integrated bus system in Georgia!

A message from the Minister of Immigration

The Minister of Immigration has stated that an Honorary Grant of Citizenship has been issued for former US President Jimmy Carter in honor of his diplomatic and humanitarian deeds.  This is the first Honorary Citizenship issued by the Imperial Government in Exile!

This Day in History

On This Day in History in 1945 US Major General issued Public Proclamation 21 ordering the end of the Japanese Internment Camps.  In 1988 President Reagan would sign a bill giving each surviving internee $20,000 tax free dollars and an apology from the US government

This Day in History

On This Day in History US President Woodrow Wilson arrived in France to take part in the peace negotiations following WW1 and to promote his idea of the League of Nations in an attempt to create an international organization to promote peace.

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