Frequently Asked Questions

What does IGE stand for?  The Imperial Government in Exile

What is a micro-nation? A micro-nation can be several things: a model country that exists solely as a work of fiction (model countries, cyber nations, an exercise of historical or cultural interest, phantom countries, etc.), a small group of people who are seeking sovereignty from another governmental power, a collection of brave souls who are trying to establish a new country, or a tiny sovereign jurisdiction that may have escaped the notice of major powers.

What is a Government in Exile?  A political group that claims to be a countries legitimate government, but for various reasons is unable to exercise its legal powers and usually resides in a foreign country.

Are you recognized by the United Nations?  No, they haven’t heard of the Imperial Government in Exile and probably never will.

Why a monarchy?  We believe that a limited monarchy is a system of government preferable to a republic in that it provides the people with an apolitical head of state who can govern impartially and who is not beholden to any political party or movement.

Do we plan to take over the United States Government?  No.  First, the US government has a large standing army.  Second, trying to do so would fail and is considered treason with some unhappy consequences.  Third, we have no desire to assume any of the debt or problems of the US government.  Fourth, we aren’t that crazy.

What happens after I become a citizen?  At this time we do not have a forum, and we will never demand taxes or have a military service.  So, right now, there isn’t much to participate in.  Becoming a citizen of the Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile is pretty much a symbolic act.

How do I become a citizen?   Simply contact the Minister of Immigration and request to apply for citizenship.  Reading the Citizenship Act is a good idea.

So, there’s an Emperor, is there an Empress?  No, at this time there isn’t an Empress.  However, this brings up an interesting point as Emperor Norton II happens to be gay.  This means that we have a progressive government, and  when he chooses to have a partner he will likely have the title of Prince Consort.

If the Emperor is the second in his line, then who was the first?  Emperor Norton I was born, and lived, in the 19th century and is considered the father of modern micro-nationalism.  There are many webpages around him, so a quick search should give you all the info you want.  We have an archive of some of Emperor Norton I’s Royal Proclamations, should you wish to take a look.

Aren’t monarchies an outmoded form of government?  If you really want an answer to that, then do an internet search as to how many monarchies still exist today.  It might surprise you to find out that there are many more than you think.  The important thing here is that the ideal of a monarchy is to have a leader that is above politics, not someone who has to pander to various corporations, or whoever is willing to back his reelection campaign, in order to stay in his/her position of power.

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