The Imperial Government

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is represented by the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers, and the Ministers.  All are appointed by the Emperor.

Office of the Prime Minister – Currently Empty

Council of Ministers

The Ministry of Immigration – Currently filled by Emperor Norton II

The Ministry of Archives – Currently filled by Emperor Norton II

The Ministry of the Treasury – Currently filled by Emperor Norton II

The Royal Mint – Director is currently Emperor Norton II

The Imperial Archive – The Keeper of the Archive is Emperor Norton II

Council of State – Currently Empty

The Judicial Branch

The purpose of the Judicial Branch is to support the activities of the Imperial Government in Exile, and is vested with the judicial powers appropriate to the special needs of an exiled government.

At this time the judicial branch has not been created.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Imperial Government is made up of the Assembly of Nobles as defined by the Imperial Charter.  As the Assembly has not yet been convened it’s actions are performed via Royal Proclamations of the Emperor.

Acts of Parliament


The Imperial Charter

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