The Citizenship Act

The Citizenship Act

(Amendments to the Citizenship Act are found at the bottom of this page.)

Passed by Royal Proclamation 15 on September 11, 2007


Section 1

Article 1 – A person applying for citizenship, hereafter referred as an applicant, must apply to the Minister of Immigration.  The period of application shall be for three months after their first post on the forum, or, if the forum does not yet exist, for three months after they applied for citizenship.

The Minister shall act on every request of citizenship, without discriminating on the basis of party preference, religion, sexual preference, or other personal information.

An applicant may be a citizen of other micronations.

An applicant may cease the process at any time, and declare that he/she no longer wishes to be a citizen of the Imperial Government in Exile.

Article 2 – Amended to read: A dual micro-national citizen may be a candidate for an elected position or for an appointed position.

Article 3 – The Minister of Immigration shall ascertain, through correspondence or conversation, that the applicant is a real human being with genuine interest in becoming a citizen of the Imperial Government in Exile.  The Minister shall be free to inquire of the applicant on any and every subject, and shall be required to collect the name, proposed pseudonym, postal address, sex, telephone number, and e-mail address(es) of the candidate, which the Minister shall communicate to the appropriate governmental party.  It is up to the applicant, and later citizen if it is granted, to keep this information up to date.

Article 4 – If the Immigration Minister determines that the applicant shall not be given citizenship, the applicant shall be informed of this decision, and shall be made aware that they can reapply for citizenship at a later date.  The decision can be appealed to the Supreme Court if they applicant believes they should have been granted citizenship and were unfairly denied.  The decision of the Supreme Court shall be final.  If the Supreme Court decided that there was no valid reason for the denial, a person shall be given a Grant of Citizenship.

Article 5 – The Minister shall, on a date of his choosing, but within a period of thirty days after receiving an application of citizenship, issue a temporary Grant of Citizenship to the applicant.  The Grant shall be issued under the Royal Signature, either applied by the Emperor’s own hand or by his request the signature of the Minister of Immigration.  

The Royal Grant of Citizenship shall be promptly issued, within ten days, once the applicant has been granted citizenship by the Minister and when the applicant has affirmed his/her fealty to the Royal House and the Imperial Government in Exile by taking an Oath of Citizenship.  At this point the applicant shall be a full citizen of the Imperial Government in Exile, and this fact shall be posted on the forum.


Section 2

Article 6 – Alternative names may be used by a citizen, but the alternate name must be registered with the Ministry of Immigration so that the said alternate name may be used as the legal name of the citizen.  Only the legal name may be used in official, citizen-only functions.

Article 7 – Any applicants whose potential pseudonym falls within what the Ministry of Immigration has deemed to be potentially offensive must be interviewed by the Ministry of Immigration.  The Ministry has the power to accept or reject the name.

A pseudonym is defined as a name used that is not the person’s macronational name.


Section 3

Article 8 – The Ministry of Immigration must make all active rules concerning matters of citizenship available to applicants and must ensure that new citizens are fully aware of them.

Article 9 – The Minister of Immigration shall cause the applicant to be granted an account on the Imperial Government in Exile forum, once it is created.  The Minister shall verify that the said account is fully-enabled, and that the applicant is able to communicate using the forum with the citizens of the Imperial Government in Exile.  The Minister shall then begin a thread introducing the applicant.

An examination period of three months shall begins with the applicants first posting, if the forum has been created, after his introduction by the Minister.  This allows the citizens of the Imperial Government in Exile to get to know the applicant.  They may, openly or in secret, approach the Minister of Immigration and give their opinions on the applicant.

Article 10 – A List of All Citizens, including all information about them, shall be created and compiled by the Ministry of Information.



 Amendment of the Citizenship Act

Passed by Royal Proclamation 24 on October 18, 2007


Article 1 – This act is to amend Article 2 of the Citizenship Act.


Article 2 – The amended article shall now read:  A dual micro-national citizen may be a candidate for an elected position or for an appointed position.



 Second Citizenship Amendment Act

Passed by Royal Proclamation 25 on October 29, 2007

Article 1 – The thirty day period may be circumvented under the following conditions:

a) The Emperor/Empress issues a  Royal Grant of Citizenship.  Such a Grant must be with the permission of the Minister of Immigration and an explanation made available to the Assembly of Nobles.

If the Assembly has not yet been convened, such an explanation must be made available when it convenes.  The Assembly may overturn such a Grant by an Act of Parliament.  If the Grant is overturned the applicant may continue the thirty day application period.

b) The applicant is a member of the Royal House, or is the partner, significant other, or the wife/husband of the Ruling Emperor/Empress.   In such a case the Emperor/Empress may issue a Royal Grant of Citizenship, or the Minister of Immigration may issue a Royal Grant of Citizenship.

Article 2 – Anyone issued a Royal Grant of Citizenship by the Ruling Emperor/Empress shall not have any special rights or privileges.

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