The Landed Nobility Act

The Landed Nobility Act

Passed by Royal Proclamation 66 on October 25, 2017

Article 1 – The landed countships, duchy’s, and baronies within the Imperial Government in Exile shall, in regard to the administration of the functions of the civil authorities, be placed under the local governments wherein the estates are located or under the nearest counties; however, the landed Title of Nobility may together constitute a county if it should please the Ruling Emperor/Empress.

The assumption of administration by the representative Ducal/Count/Baronial Governor shall be effective when such a position is created by the Duke, Count, or Baron in question.

Article 2 – Landed Nobleman shall have the rights to appoint or to propose clerical or civil officials within their Duchy, Countship, or Barony, except involving offices of the judicial branch of government.

Article 3 – Landed Nobility cannot have criminals on their estates arrested, prosecuted, or punished, so that hereafter, with respect to the arrest prosecution, and punishment of criminals, as well as the imposition of fines,  it shall occur on the estates of the nobility according to the judicial regulations and law generally in force in the Imperial Government in Exile.

Article 4 – The Ruling Emperor/Empress may require the Landed Nobility to create a charter for their Duchy, Countship, or Barony.  Any charter so required must then be passed by Royal Proclamation.

Article 5 – The Ruling Emperor/Empress may, by Royal Proclamation, create a landed Duchy, Counship, or Barony so long as it is connected to a Title of Nobility also made following the College of Arms and Peerage Act.


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